The Lac bird is a type of birds in the ancient Vietnamese legends. It is often appeared on the face of the Dong drum, and is also a symbol of pure Vietnamese spirit and culture. Using the Lac bird as a symbol of the brand, Viet Chi wishes "Vietnamese will - Vietnamese aspiration" will reach new heights, like Lac birds spread their wings to the high and wide with the desire to conquer the sky.

gioi thieu tieu de

Open Letter

Dear Sirs/Madams,
"Gentle and talented people are the national resources". The fostering and caring for them to prosper and the country development is the duty of the whole society, all agencies, organizations and also the mission of Viet Chi.

Gentle and talented people do not come naturally. They need to be completed through study and practice, so only education can help the country have a lot of talented people. As a young enterprise in the field of study abroad consulting, Viet Chi wishes to contribute a small part in the training of talented people for the country, through providing service packages to support students studying abroad to access the diverse and advanced education around the world.

Viet Chi understands that the achievements of the students are the achievements of the country and that is also the success of Việt Chí. Therefore, we will constantly strive to improve ourselves to bring students the best values, the best services for "Vietnamese Will - Vietnamese Aspiration" to rise higher and fly further.

Best regards!

gioi thieu Viet Chi
Vision – Mission – Core Values


Viet Chi – as a bridge - helps students access to advanced and diverse education in the world and equips them with the necessary knowledge and skills for studying abroad.


Viet Chi brings new and different values and visions; is also a reliable address for parents, high school students, and college and university students to be consulted studying abroad.

Core Values

Our highest principle is speaking goes together with doing for the common benefits.
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